Are you ready to join us?

We pride ourselves on being a well-organised club, enabling members to access many different aspects of the sport of cycling.  Before you can join we need to collect some information about you to ensure you are suitable and, depending on your age, to confirm if we require you to provide parental consent.

Club runs are our most popular activity, we often have in excess of 100 riders out on the roads of Hertfordshire (and beyond) on a Sunday.  In order to make these and all our club activities as enjoyable and safe as possible, for both riders and other road users, we have a defined process for welcoming new members as well as introducing you to our club activities.

What you need to do, depends on whether you are joining as an Adult or a Youth member:

We also offer a Non-Riding Associate membership for friends of the club that wish to support us without riding.

Adult Membership:

All adults are required to:

  1. Be able to ride a minimum of 50 miles (with a short cafe stop) at an average speed of 13 mph. Our Club runs last a minimum of 4 hours and get back to St. Albans around 1.30pm

  2. Have a working knowledge of the Highway Code

  3. Have good bike control and good road sense e.g. be able to make controlled hand signals, change and use appropriate gears, anticipate actions by other cyclists and road users

    If you are uncertain about this requirement and want more practice or guidance before joining our club then check out the British Cycling website or the free Sky Rides (both men and women).

  4. Have a road bike that is roadworthyand have the right kit.  Essential items are:  helmet, pump and/or gas, tubes x2, tools, first aid, (long rear mudguard when wet). Recommended: gloves, food, drink, café lock, mobile phone, map, tyre boot patch, jacket &/or space blanket, chain splitter & money. 
    Read In your saddlebag for further advice

  5. Attend a new members briefing.
    1. To book a New Members' talk contact Mick.  You will receive an email explaining the purpose, venue, date of the next talk and asking for confirmation that you will be attending

    2. The talk will take approximately 1.5 hours, usually on a Monday evening, with the focus on group riding and safety.  At this talk you can book your place on the next induction ride (see below)

  6. Successfully complete an induction ride
    1. You will have discussed this at the New Members’ talk and after attending will automatically be emailed further details

  7. Have specific Third Party Insurance
    1. This is not expensive and comes as part of the following cycling association memberships: British Cycling(BC) / Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) - now called Cycling UK / League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) / British Triathlon (BT). There are differing advantages in joining these associations e.g. CTC offers discount at 'Cotswolds'. BC entitles members to priority tickets and entry to national and international events.  Both provide excellent information about cycling.

      Note: VCC affiliation to CTC entitles members to discounted CTC membership & insurance (less than half price) - This includes a field to add the affiliate code, available from Mick (rather than the discount code).  If you join British Cycling, you need at least 'Ride' or 'Race Silver' membership to get the benefit of liability insurance.  Note that 'Race Bronze' membership does not include the liability insurance you need before you join us

  8. Pay annual (calendar year) membership- by debit/credit card or PayPal.  Payment is refundable within the first month if you decide not to remain a member.

Once you have joined:

  1. You will be issued a mini-membership card / bike fob. Insert your details on this and fix it to your bike.  Tags are normally distributed at, or after, the induction ride

  2. You can purchase club kit. Our distinctive, high quality kit is sold at cost price. Come to our Try-on Club nights (see social events) on Monday evenings from 8.30pm at the Club room, to confirm sizing and place your order. Collection and payment is from Rock&Road Bikes.  This is not compulsory, but we prefer members to ride in club kit whenever possible while taking part in club activities.  Find out about our club kit here.

We provide a handy check sheet on the next page, but if at any point you want to talk to us, please contact Mick our Membership Secretary. Get started >>

Youth Membership:

All Youth members are required to:

  1. Be a confident bike rider e.g. have successfully completed a Bikeability course or similar. This is essential.

  2. Be able to ride for 1-2 hours on a single bike ride. This is very helpful but not essential.

  3. Have a suitable and safe bike and the right cycling kit. This is essential, in particular you must wear a well fitted bike helmet.

We provide a handy check sheet on the next page, but if at any point you want to talk to us, please Contact the Youth Development Secretary Davinder.

Ready? Let's go!