54524015 823053868092952 7563436665226657792 oOur riders range from Youths and Juniors in their first few seasons of competing, through to experienced riders competing in higher categories of racing and seasoned veterans. We particularly welcome women to the team and have a promising mix of newcomers to the sport who are learning new skills from our more experienced competitors. To encourage and nurture this, we have regular youth and women-specific race training rides, with the choice of routes, pacing of intervals, climbs and sprints being tailored to provide the right level of challenge to all participants. 

53970411 818026081929064 5351135230516264960 oWhat unites our team is a common enthusiasm, commitment and shared encouragement for each other. Over the coming months we will profile some of our individual riders, highlighting the reasons that they joined Verulam reallymoving.com Racing Team and outlining their racing ambitions.


2019 Team - Seniors, Juniors & Youths

Ryan Allen (Senior)
Matt Davey (Senior)
Toby Hunt (Senior)
Sam Reed (Senior)
Alistair Roberts (Senior)
Thomas Russell (Senior)
Conrad Holland (Junior)
Tom Martin (Junior)
Cody Nelson (Junior)
Dominic Robertson (Junior)
Alex Saunders (Junior)
Will Smith (Youth U16)
Jamie Maxen (Youth U16)
Alfie Aldridge (Youth U16)
Luca La Ragione (Youth U16)
Beth Watson (Youth U14)
Alarik Knox (Youth U10)

2019 Team - Women

Laura Hicks
Rachel Dunn
Karine Jones
Liz McKie
Laura Moody
Christine Pout
Claire Sharp

2019 Team - Masters

Gavin Bench
Chris Burns
Paul Caton
Nick Coe
Steve Dunn
Michael Edmunds
Rob Flynn
John Jones
Jared Millar
Stan Nwaka
Matt Pumo
Issy Zimmerman

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