One of the principle ambitions of our Racing Team is to nurture and develop up-coming talent. Verulam CC already has a comprehensive Youth Development Programme, with coaching in bike handling skills from age 6 and upwards, through to velodrome and cyclocross sessions, and youth road-rides every Sunday.

17388769 394492947615715 6607302956162068313 oOur Youth Development and Racing programmes are closely integrated. We encourage our youths to consider trying racing, options being at one of the many 'starter series' available locally at purpose-built circuits at Lee Valley, Hillingdon, Redbridge (Hog Hill) and Milton Keynes Bowl, as well as the track series at Welwyn Velodrome (at Gosling Sports Park). Those youths that show interest and enthusiasm can then start to benefit from our structured training programme, including advice on starting racing, with guidance on potential events to enter, training techniques, setting up bikes for racing (such as gear restrictions) and race-craft or tactics within the race.

17359065 394492944282382 3658635533064270906 oThe youths and juniors wishing to take their racing a stage further can then discuss joining the Racing Team and become part of a competitive racing squad.

In 2017 our youths and juniors raced in multiple events at UK venues including Hog Hill, Miilton Keynes Bowl, Hillingdon, and Lee Valley, and in Belgium, with an ethos of supporting and encouraging each other at these events. For parents of those new to racing, we provide support and guidance including race-day preparation and assistance with setting youth gear restrictions on bikes. Our preparations for a full programme of 2018 youth racing is well underway.