17493179 399005430497800 6775035579057978825 oVerulam Reallymoving Racing Team will focus on three disciplines in 2018 - Road Racing, Track and Cyclocross.

For the senior and veteran riders in our team, the principle focus of our team will be on road racing. Our coaching programme is tailored to prepare for road racing events and to learn/practice the skills needed to compete to the best of the riders ability in their category.


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Under British Cycling rules youths compete on closed-circuit races rather than on open road races. We tailor our training to the race duration and tactics needed for our youth team members to do will in circuit races, whilst introducing them to training with the senior squad in order to ready them for longer road races as they progress to junior and senior events.


Luke CyclocrossA significant number of our riders race cyclocross during the winter months, building stamina and bike-handling skills. With Verulam CC running fortnightly cyclocross training sessions open both to youths and adults, we anticipate an increasing number of members of our racing team competing in cyclocross events outside the road racing season.