LVRC Racing

A few of us are doing some road racing this year.  The LVRC is a racing league open to cyclists over 40 years old.  This will be my first season racing in the LVRC but I'm told by other riders that the races are safer than BC races, and can be more competitive.  This is because the riders are more experienced.  There are six of us (that I am aware of) that have joined the league and entered some early season races.  It is my intention to get a group of VCC riders together to participate in road races and do some race specific training together.  This would involve, for example, a weekday evening chain gang, or specific training rides on Saturday or Sunday when not racing.

What you need to know:

  • The LVRC racing league is open to riders 40 years of age and older.
  • Riders race together, but on the scoresheet will compete against others in age group (Band A:40-44, B:45-49, C:50-54, D:55-59 etc.).
  • To encourage all abilities, riders can enter to compete in a different age category and race against others of a similar ability.  For example a 42 year old can choose to compete in the 50-54 year old age group.
  • League membership is £20 annually.
  • Each race is £10.
  • The league is open to both male and female cyclists.
  • Closing date for entry is 2 weeks before the race, but races are popular so 4 weeks in advance is encouraged.
  • Entries are accepted on the basis of first received, first accepted.
  • Entry forms must be accompanied by a £10 cheque to the organiser and a self addressed stamped envelope (although some races will issue start sheets by email and no self addressed envelope required)
  • The league is organised regionally - we are in Region 9 but can race in any Region. Some races in Regions 7 and 10 are quite close to St Albans for example.
  • Most of the races we are doing are within about an hours' drive from St Albans.

What you need to do now:

Join LVRC - you can join and pay the membership fee online.  It takes about 3 minutes to do.  The link is:

  1. Email me to confirm that you have joined the league and will be racing this year. I'll then create an email distribution list.  My address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Enter some races:
    • Complete a race entry form (also available on the LVRC website under the Event Org & Safety tab)
    • The 2012 calendar of races is on the LVRC website under the Racing tab.  Link is
    • Races that we have entered so far are:
    • 18 March Ciclos Uno Spring RR in Blackmore, Essex
    • 1 April South Western RC Follicly Challenged RR (MSTINA Jersey series 1) in Surrey
    • 15 April GS Vecchi Spring Classic RR (MSTINA Jersey series 2) in Basingstoke
    • Remainder of our races TBC

I'm happy to:

Facilitate the training rides (eg. weekday evening chain gangs etc.) but these will only be open to those actually road racing.

  • Communicate to the "VCC racing team" the list of races that we propose to participate in.
  • Let you guys serve as my domestiques and lead me out for sprint finishes.

The obvious question is why are we not riding the BC races.  Because as a club we do not organise and promote a BC road race ourselves and we are not a member of a BC league and therefore it is extremely difficult to get into the BC races.  For example a few years ago I entered 7 BC races and did not get into any of them.  Additionally, the LVRC races are safer and at least as competitive.

We have a group of strong riders in the Club, as evidenced by our success on Sportives and club runs.  It would be great to put some of that fitness to good use and race this year. 

Many thanks
Matt Pumo