Parental Consent Form

Young people are welcome to take part in Verulam Cycling Club’s activities and from time to time we run specific events for children and young people. However we require that parents or guardians of young people taking part in all our activities to complete our parental consent form and pay our Youth Annual Membership of £5.

Information for Parents

Purpose: This form should be completed by the parent/guardian of anyone under 18 years of age wishing to join the Club and take part in Verulam Club and/or Verulam Racing Team activities.

Completed forms should be submitted online where they will be processed by our Membership Secretary and reviewed by our Youth Development Secretary.

A Cycling Time Trials Consent Form (available on request) is also required if you wish to participate in Club and Open Time Trials.  On Sunday club runs, youths must be accompanied by an adult (who may be a Club Runs Leader).

Some of Verulam Cycling Club activities can be challenging and anyone taking part, including youths, must have the minimum level of skills and a suitable bicycle to participate in that activity. We also require that youths taking part in our activities wear suitable clothing and must wear a good fitting cycling helmet. 



Medical information

Collection and Drop-off arrangements

All types of cycling are activities with a risk of accidents and a danger of personal injury. As a Parent/Guardian of a participant in these activities I recognise, understand and accept these risks and will be responsible for my child/ward’s actions.

I have read and understood the information on this form and the Youth Development Secretary has satisfactorily answered any questions I have asked.

I understand and agree that my child participates in the activity entirely at their own risk. I confirm that the information I have provided is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Data Protection
This information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Bike, Helmet and Clothing
It is the responsibility of the rider (or their parent/guardian/carer if aged under 18) to ensure that their bike, helmet and clothing is appropriate, well maintained and in a safe condition prior to participating in the activity/session. Riders must wear a helmet which complies with current safety regulations when riding their bike.