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Time trialling is a pursuit sport. Riders start at one minute intervals and ride a set course at their best possible speed. The immediate aim is to catch and overtake as many of the riders who started before you as you can and, off course to avoid being caught by those who are started behind you. The actual prize is to complete the course quicker than anyone else, but out on the course, the competition is stiff as you try to gauge your performance against other riders and it is only after the time-keeper has computed the results that you really know how you have ridden.

There 2 levels at which you can trial. Club events and open events.

Club events are informal and are part of the club calendar,  primarily for club members though riders from other clubs are sometimes welcome too (subject to Covid restrictions) contact John our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more imnformation. As a club member you can ride any of these without restriction and the points you gain go towards the Seabird and Stokes trophies which are presented annually. Club events are a great place to learn the ropes and build experience.

Open events are run under the auspices of CTT (Cycling Time Trials) which is the UK's time trial governing body. Anyone can pre-enter for these events by sending off an entry form and the nominal fee (usually £7:50). All the events are itemised in the Annual CTT Handbook and are organised and run by cycle clubs from all over the UK. With popular events the field may be oversubscribed in which case selection will normally be based on past performance and less able riders and novices may have to go on the reserve list or be refused.

Time Trial courses vary greatly and include such events as a 24 hour distance trials  and  '2 up' paired trials, but the norm is for 10, 25, 50 and 100 mile or kilometre courses. The terrain will vary too with sporting courses that would suit any road race through to flat or 'fast' courses along dual carriageways.

TT Taster - Saturday 24th April
Wanted to ride a TT but not known where to start? Do you yearn to wear a silly hat? Socks to your knee? Maybe you're not absorbed enough about cycling paraphernalia and the seconds you could shave off your time with an overshoe? Maybe John can help...

TTs are just you against yourself, the road and the stopwatch. There's no drafting, jostling, tactics, choppers or touching of wheels, it's just you and your bike. You have to accept the road and weather conditions but it's the purest form of cycle racing.

TTs have been around since the 1880s when bicycles were the fastest vehicles on the road. Although it may have seemed that the first TT'ers were still involved and designing the application process, things may have moved on and now even TTs embrace t'Internet age.

Verulam CC has always had a strong TT presence and we aim to continue this now and promote it further within the club, especially for those wary of the discipline. Our season starts with this Sunday's Hardriders (3 laps of the hilly Whitwell circuit and maybe a shock for the newbie) but extends through Evening 10s Saturday 10s to Team Time Trials - all run locally. Indeed, the Evening 10s run every Tuesday evening from May 4th until August and form the mainstay of our TT activities, each race contributing to Seabird points and the eventual award of the Seabird trophy at the VCC Annual Dinner.

Our club's TT blue riband event is the VCC Open 25 on July 25th 2021. This attracts a range of riders from far afield, some professional, many not, and brings the club a great deal of kudos from the TT community. Come along and ride it too!

You don't need the silly hat, nor the tricked-out rocket-bike, nor even the knee-length gimp overshoes, you can compete on whatever you have, in whatever kit you have. The Evening 10s are a great way to meet other club members and gossip before and after the race*, gossiping only interspersed with a 10-mile outpouring of effort, sweat and sweary words as you challenge yourself from Codicote to St Ippolyts and back along London Road.

As a taster of what to expect, and a rolling preview of the course, John is running a morning TT session on the Evening 10 route on Saturday, 24th April. Anyone that wants to come along to chat, see where we start, where we finish, and taste the salty goodness of a good, hard training session is very welcome to join in. Drop John an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he'll see you there at 9:30am.

If you cycle there then you'll need nothing more, if you drive then bring your bike and helmet, and a rear light (these are now mandatory for Cycling Time Trial (CTT) events), and a drink. If you want to sign up for the VCC Hardridrers go here or details of other TT events in the area here. (Note: it can be very frustrating trying to navigate the CTT Events page but many of the events we ride are in the London North district, upon which you can filter). As well as the website being difficult to navigate, so the actual TT routes can be opaque. TT routes are designated by their code (e.g. our Open 25 is run on the F1B/25 here) and a route map tends to be available on the site, although a quick Strava or RideWithGPS search yields a GPX.

Our Evening 10s run along this route and John will meet up at the start, here.

*Subject to COVID protocols.

Virtual Tuesday TTs on Zwift, at 7.10pm.
Course: Tick Tock, Wattopia.
Tick Tock is a clockwise loop covering Fuego Flats and portions of the Ocean Boulevard tube. This is the second-flattest route in Wattopia, with just 2.6 meters of climbing per kilometer of road with the only 'pitchy' bits being in and out of Fuego Flats, and in and out of the ocean tunnel. See here for more details. Remember Nick's advice - know the course!

What you need to participate:
You don't need a smart turbo, but you do need:
1) A turbo (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or @martin.arundel on slack if you need some help)
2) A Zwift account (please be honest with your weight/height and if required calibrate your trainer - see advice here)
3) A Strava account (please join the 'Verulam CC' club on Strava, as this makes it easier to get the results)
And of course, a suitable PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone with a reliable internet connection! Note: internet connections are not 100% reliable, if you have a drop out or someone turns off your PC its called an 'electrical' (as opposed to a mechanical), it's the equivalent to having a flat tyre or a red light

Who will win the Verulam Lock Down Virtual TT Championship?
To enter request an invite from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Before the day:
1) Use the Zwift Companion app to accept the invite from Martin
2) Log in to Zwift and select a TT bike from your garage. You must do this to have your time included in the club lock down competition as all need to ride a virtual TT bike on the day (no drafting benefit)
3) If you wish (recommended) choose the bee (yellow and black) design jersey (on Zwift), this way you can more easily spot other VCC members in the virtual world.

On the day:
1) Log in to Zwift and select Wattopia. The Meet Up button should appear above the menu button. Select this and join the growing cluster of VCC riders awaiting depart time.
2) (Optional) At the same time join the Zoom meeting (you'll need another connected device!) where you will be able to chat to fellow riders both before, during (perhaps!) and after the ride. Join up details will be shared on Slack on the #zwift channel.
3) At the set time all will depart together. This is NOT the start of the TT, that is about 2.5km later, so use this to roll out and warm up.
4) The start/finish line for the TT (the point timings are taken from/to in Strava) is the finish line of the short sprint in the ride. It's directly under a rocky archway and is marked by a red inflatable arch too. It's quite easy to miss, especially on the return when your eyes are full of sweat, so concentrate! And please ignore any other messages about the group ride finishing, you will still have around 2.5 km to go! YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. If you don't go through the start/finish the 2nd time you will get a DNF its full beans until the start/finish arch! Total distance is approximately 20km, including the roll out, so keep going until it's done!

Check the results spread sheet here or on slack.

BIG thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for setting this up.