Cafe destinations are circulated each week to all members via the weekly comms email and routes are frequently shared by runs leaders on Slack (VCC members messaging platform). Please register to join VCC and gain access.

Our club runs take place every Sunday - except on certain holidays such as New Year's Day.

We sometimes have as many as 100 riders out and split ourselves across 9 to 12 groups depending on ability. There is always a planned coffee stop at around 11:00am, which is approximately at the half-way point, before heading back.

Sometimes groups share the same location, so riders can ride out with a faster group and always return with a slower one, a good way to move up as you progress. Occaisionally, all groups share the same cafe stop but this is rare due to numbers.

Each group will go at the speed of the slowest rider, re-grouping when necessary. No one is left behind!

Please note that it is our club policy to meet up and brief all new applicants, whatever their experience and ability level, before riding with us on our Sunday Club runs. We also require that you join one of our regular new joiners induction/training rides, which we run on Saturday mornings, so we can assess your riding capability and suitablilty for club membership. Please contact us if you would like to ride with us and we will arrange a time to meet with you. We will run through some important safety points, our rider etiquette and will explain other facilities available to you within our club. We will let you know where and when we meet and explain the procedures for our Club runs. 

Please do not just turn up on a Sunday morning because you will be sent away - it's in all our interests to ensure safe riding!

Please also note that you must have 3rd party liability insurance to ride with the club. Acceptable policies include British Cycling (BC), Cyclists Touring Club (CTC), British Triathlon Association (BTA) and League of Veterans Racing (LVRC - only applicable to over 40's).

Whilst we require you to join and pay the annual subscription before you ride with us, rest assured, if it's not for you, we will refund you (max 4 rides).