Report by Graham Ricketts

Kirk Alderson, Geoff Perkins, Craig Sears-Black, Jonny Percival and myself completed a London to Paris in 24 hours (actually 25.5 hours !) on Friday/Saturday just gone. We left London Bridge at 16.30 on Friday and got to the Eiffel Tower at about 19.00 local time (18;00 UK). We cycled down to Newhaven, got lost around Lewes and came close to missing the ferry (23;00), attempted to get some sleep (badly), arrived in Dieppe at 04.30 local time (3.30am UK time - ugh) and then initially took the Avenue Verte for some truly scenic, but not very swift cycling !, the last 30km or so was through the royal parks on the outskirts of Paris which further slowed us down. I also think that we had too many pasta stops and a far too long lunch stop !


Miles 197

Total time 25:21

Moving time 14:19

Ave speed 13.8 mph

Climbing 2776m

Min temp 4C (!)

Max temp 31C

It was a bit cold at 3.30am !

More importantly, no crashes (well ok, Geoff had a minor off, but don’t tell his other half !), no mechanicals and no punctures, the worst that happened was my chain falling off……………once !

All in all a cracking weekend with great weather and if we’d taken a more direct route we’d have easily cracked 24 hours.