Team Pursuit. 
30 September 2018
Teams of 4, road bikes only. HQ is Codicote Sports Centre.
8.00am sign-on at Codicote sports centre, teams/names in advance please to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4 person teams, 3 laps of the Whitwell circuit (see Hard Riders page for details of the circuit).
Trophies and prizes, handicapping. Refreshments at HQ. 
Nick will do a briefing/advice session at the club room ahead of these events. Road bikes only, no TT bikes, aero bars/disc wheels.
Last year, Sunday 16th September 2017.


Despite the current weather the time trial season is not very far away, with our first event on 25th March (Hardriders).

On 5th March there will be an informal training session in the clubroom for those who are new to TT riding, and Stephanie Wheatley will be doing a practical riding session at 08.30 on Sunday 11th March, using the normal course.

*** Important: Rider numbers will be available on 5th March - £10 for the season. Please try to get yours in advance, to avoid chaos at the first event. This year there will be no separate fee for riding on the night (previously £2). This will greatly improve the start procedures, and represents good value given the significant increase in the Levy from CTT. Please remember though that you will not be able to ride unless this has been paid and you’ve been allocated a number.

We are expecting another popular season so please also remember to arrive in good time for the events. A separate mail has been sent to riders with details of marshalling rota.

Please click here for a summary of event dates for the season.

Most importantly, have a safe and enjoyable TT season!


Hardriders TT

Hardriders Liz Hardriders Ran

If ever a club event lived up to it's name this is it. A 31 mile season opener time trial on the Whitwell circuit ridden in March at a time when most folk are still cranking up the central heating. Traditionally freezing, windy or wet, club members try their hand at three circuits of this challenging sporting course. From the start just outside Codicote, a quick dive out onto the Codicote to Hitchin main road and a 5 mile rolling descent followed by a sharp left and demanding 2 mile climb up to the summit of St Paul's Warden, followed by a 40mph descent back down to Whitwell and then back along the valley road to the start with a series of 2 sharp little climbs in between. The Hard Riders is a Seabird Trophy event - points go to the season long accumulator.

Sunday 1st April 2018

First rider off at 09.00am.

A few important points:

1. Arrive in good time to sign on, closes 08.50am.

2. Remember £3 fee, and new procedure, sign on, collect number, ride, RETURN NUMBER.

3. Please do not crowd start area or obstruct road.

4. No parking in start area.

5. Remember start is Whitwell Road lay-bye, not the Evening 10 venue.

6. Cafe afterwards: Emily'sTea Rooms

7. If needed, we reserve early slots for slower riders.

8. Three laps of circuit is tough, be prepared, and pace yourself, best if you have done a few 10s previously.

9. Ride safely, as per Highway Code.

10. Know the route. Codicote/Whitwell Circuit (3 circuits).


Saturday 10

Hardriders Stan

First rider off at 8.30am.

On the same course as the Hardriders, but 'just' the 10 miles. Held twice a year, some say this is harder than the Hardriders, as its flat out for a single lap. You decide!

Saturday 7th April 2018

Time trialling is a pursuit sport. Riders start at one minute intervals and ride a set course at their best possible speed. The immediate aim is to catch and overtake as many of the riders who started before you as you can and, off course to avoid being caught by those who are started behind you. The actual prize is to complete the course quicker than anyone else, but out on the course, the competition is stiff as you try to gauge your performance against other riders and it is only after the time-keeper has computed the results that you really know how you have ridden.

There 2 levels at which you can trial. Club events and open events.

Club events are informal and are part of the club calendar,  primarily for club members though riders from other clubs are welcome too. As a club member you can ride any of these without restriction and the points you gain go towards the Seabird and Stokes trophies which are presented annually. Club events are a great place to learn the ropes and build experience.

Open events are run under the auspices of CTT (Cycling Time Trials) which is the UK's time trial governing body. Anyone can pre-enter for these events by sending off an entry form and the nominal fee (usually £7:50). All the events are itemised in the Annual CTT Handbook and are organised and run by cycle clubs from all over the UK. With popular events the field may be oversubscribed in which case selection will normally be based on past performance and less able riders and novices may have to go on the reserve list or be refused.

Trials courses vary greatly and include such events as a 24 hour distance trials  and  '2 up' paired trials, but the norm is for 10, 25, 50 and 100 mile courses and kilometre courses too. The terrain will vary too with sporting courses that would suit any road race through to flat or 'fast' courses along dual carriageways.



The Verulam 25 is an annual race and our flag ship-time trialling event. It is an an open event and part of the CTT (UK time trialling body) calendar so expect to see some big names and stiff opposition coming from other clubs in the SE region.

With up to 100 riders going for the off, the course is 25 miles circuit along the carriage ways of the A1 in Bedfordshire. The course for those in the know is the F1. The race is run from 06.30am onwards on a Sunday, so traffic is light and the road fast for those seeking personal best times. Time trialling - the race of truth - just how good are you?

Open 25 2018 image 


Thinking of entering?

More information and a link to the entry page on the CTT website is available here.

Please note: This is not a ride for beginners or the inexperienced. Anyone considering entry should be comfy and confident on the club Evening 10s already, and with times under 29 minutes. They should be serious about taking the next step, and improving, so for example should at least put clip-on bars on their road bike, it's not worth doing otherwise! Open events are much more formal and require discipline and 'jumping' on the A1 is a very big leap from an Evening 10! These are not social events, rather they are quite serious and potentially dangerous racing events.

Still interested, a link to the entry page on the CTT website is available here or please contact Club TT Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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