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Our aim is to help any members' who want to help themselves to achieve new cycling goals. 

How do you want to become a better cyclist?

The club has set aside a significant budget for activities designed to help members who want to improve their riding ability and achieve new goals.

  1. Are you aiming for a PB in a Sportive?

  2. Do you want to improve your times in club TT events (or try your first TT)?

  3. Do you want to enter your first race at the Redbourn Fete Du Velo?

  4. Are you looking to ride stronger and move up a group in the Club runs?

We have some ideas on activities that support these goals but want your input in order to put our 2018 programme together. See the discussion paper here. Your feedback is very welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..