Dragon Ride 2014


VCC members Kirk Alderson,  Jonny Percival, Geoff Perkins, Craig Sears-Black, Bernard O’Brian  and Kate Gannon, Hazel Davies, Drew Norton, Troy Backhouse, John Jones, Timoth Ayres, Raffi Jacobs, Martin Jones, DAniel Webb and Steve Payne were all in action at the might Dragon Ride across the Brecon Beacons (138 miles for some!) .

"Geoff soon pedaled off into the distance only to be seen hours 9 hrs 15 mins later after completing the Gran Fondo – 138 miles and 12,000 ft.  The rest of us planned to take on the Gran Fondo but in a more sedate manner. At one point we were leading a perfect peleton of 30 cyclists who all rotated seamlessly to Kirk’s (aka Thor)  infamous ‘change’ call.  This soon ended as we started the first major climb into the beautiful moor land.  Our progress came to a screeching halt as a moorland sheep ran out into the road in front of Kirk on a long descent.  Pretty scary stuff but thankfully once the shock subsided he was okay'ish except for nasty cuts and bruises, a broken bike and  a ripped new pair of Assos shorts.  There are no reports on the sheep as yet!   The remaining group pedaled on slightly more cautiously and at the route split Kate attempted to persuade the feeble men to complete the GF but sense prevailed and the group completed  the Medio – a respectable 98 miles and 7,000 ft.   Kate was first home by a margin demonstrating her need to challenge herself out of the Inters. You will be pleased to know the Assos shorts just need a needle and thread and Thor is sore but OK. All in all quite an adventure!"

Comment from John Jones: "After some dire forecasts, the day was actually bright and warm with rain only coming towards the latter stages of the ride. Stunning scenery and impeccable organisation resulted in a memorable sportive"