2013 Steve Clarke Update2

24th May 2013: Update courtesy of Ross

Steve is improving gradually, he is still in intensive care, but is making good progress according to the doctors.  Since my last update they have stopped his sedation and pain killers and he is now fully awake.  He is still on the ventilator (through a tracheostomy) but they have been turning it off and letting him breathe on his own for a few hours longer everyday (yesterday he did 12 hours!).  They also put a valve onto the tube in his neck last weekend which allows him to speak, it was great to hear his voice – but he’s very confused and keeps forgetting things – according to the nurses its sort of like being in a dream world because of all the drugs and it will gradually wear off as they clear out of his system, apparently no one ever remembers being in intensive care.

He’s been having daily sessions with the physios, getting him out of the bed and into a chair with arm and leg exercises etc.  They keep telling us they are very impressed with the progress on his breathing for a man of his age, and put it down to his high level of fitness!.  Hopefully at some point over the weekend they will be able to switch off the ventilator totally.   It’s now been just over 3 weeks, and as it takes approximately 6 weeks for bones to heal he’s over half way through, and hopefully has the hardest part behind him.

I’m almost ok now, my eye has healed up leaving two nice scars.  The cut on my knee is still healing, the joint is still sore but I can bend it enough to turn the pedals on the rollers which has helped to loosen it up, I am hoping by next week it will be recovered enough to resume some training, so a comeback for the end of the season might be possible, having 3 weeks off has probably taken a huge chunk off my fitness.

I am down for the National 10 tomorrow but obviously giving that a miss unfortunately. Luke is down for the Hitchin Nomads F14/25 on Saturday on the same course he did last weekend.