Regretably there is a need for another reminder about road safety procedures at finish and start area of our Evening 10s. We recently experienced a near miss, caused by riders obstructing the road, and a car having to swerve into the path of a finishing rider.

Whilst with large numbers it is difficult to keep the road clear, we do need to ensure we do not obstruct the road, specifically:

- keeping in a single line on one side only, at start area (also use grass verge near junction as a safe congregation and social meeting point)
- do not stop and linger opposite the timekeepers at finish point, nor obstruct the road whatsoever on their side of the road.

As with other Evening 10 rules (such as crossing white line at finish junction), the first timekeeper has discretion to disqualify any rider who is deemed to be causing a safety hazard by not keeping well out of the way, or by not complying promptly with requests made by the timekeepers.

As of next Tuesday, we will be more rigorous over this issue, so please remember that disqualification means no recorded time or Seabird points - a real shame if you just did a personal best - so please do make sure you are not the first rider to be disqualified this season! We all want to continue enjoying a safe event.

Many thanks