Etape Dales 2012

Report by Nick Coe

Three Verulam riders had a great day out on the Etape Dales on Sunday - blessed with a bright and dry day, albeit quite chilly; enjoying riding 110 miles and 3,500m of hills in glorious Yorkshire Dales scenery. Event was very well organised, and made better by limiting entries so things were not too crowded. There was also very little vehicle traffic. This is one of the toughest sportives of the year, often with poor weather, and has a number of climbs of over 17%.

We covered most of the well known climbs: Fleet Moss (wicked descent), Buttertubs, Tan Hill, Coal Road  - b****** 20% climb, and a number of 25% descents; also riding down Swaledale and Wensleydale.

Mark Antcliffe - 7.11 (silver)
Nick Coe and Paul Moody - 7.44 (silver)

We all had some minor mechanical setbacks, but were delighted to be able to enjoy riding in this fantastic cyclists playground. Amusing incident of the day was that we had to ride a significant ford, which had been well publicised as being dangerous. Paul and I followed a nutcase down the hill only to watch him charge through the ford, well not completely as he took a flyer in the middle and ended up underwater. He was not badly hurt but with lots of onlookers seemed rather embarrased!