White Horse Challenge 2012

Report by Doug Driscoll

We had a good turn out from the Verulam CC and thankfully the weather held out for us. Special mentions for Steve Maxted with a super 4:44 finishing time (14th overall,6th in age category, 8th in KOM) and for Christine Pout finishing 1st in age category - despite riding the last 20-miles with a broken gear cable. Who needs 11-speed gears!

I started off with the "racers": Mark Antcliffe, Gavin Bench, Nick Coe, Steve Maxted, Matt Pumo and Sam Skuce. Big mistake! Sam, Nick and I hung in for about half distance but were soon distanced thereafter. It was great fun though hanging in as we passed 100's of other riders with my speedo in excess of 25mph for a lot of the way. But boy, did I pay the price for it later!!

Other riders (that I spotted) and times:

Steve Maxted 4:44 (Gold & 14th overall and 6th in age category. Also 8th fastest up Uffington)
Gavin Bench 4:44
Matt Pumo 4:44
Mark Antcliffe (somewhere in front of me!)
Jonathan Sutcliffe 5:02 (Gold)

Craig Stewart 5:02 (Gold)
Doug Driscoll 5:14 (Gold)
Nick Coe 5:26 (Gold)
Lucy Cuppleditch 5:35 (Silver)
Christine Pout 5:44 (Gold and 1st in age category)
James O'Neill 6:18 (Bronze)
Hazel Davies 6:34 (Silver)
Andrew Rice 6:34 (Silver)
Sam Skuce DNF