Note that you can view these routes using several free on-line mapping sites. My favourite is bikehike because you get both OS maps and road maps. It also allows you to 'download' the route into all of the common formats. No need to register. The 'show elevation data' check box is a cool option because it syncs with the map view to show where the hills are!

1. Download the route (.tcx) from the File Manger (next page) to somewhere on your PC
2. Go to
3. Click 'Upload Route' from the Mapping Controls panel and attach the file downloaded in step 1
4. If required; Click 'Download Route' to convert the file into a different format (e.g. .gpx or .kml for GoogleEarth)

If you want to plot your own route, I suggest using mapmyride. Free, but you need to register. Try the 'snap to roads' option to make your life easier.