This is an up-grade option for existing VCC Youth members and is by invitation only. If you would like to join our Sunday YouthClub runs please speak to Davinder or Doug and ask for their approval first. Then, with there approval you can select this membership option.


  1. You must be a current VCC Youth member, (so that we have your contact details and parental consent) and be invited to up-grade to Youth (Road) membership.
  2. You must have British Cycling membership / third party insurance.  Please update your Profile with these details.
  3. You must be self-sufficient on the roads,have a proper road bike, suitable kit, a cycling helmet and adequate fitness for a 25-30 mile ride averaging 14 mph.
  4. We will provide a short briefing on riding etiquette and group riding safety but please familiarise yourself with our riding rules.


Please note: We have a strict mudguard policy when the weather conditions requires it.  We won't turn you away on the first occasion if you haven't got this sorted, but we ask that all riders have the rear wheel covered to avoid spraying all of the riders behind. There are plenty of options out there (Race Guard and Crud2). Contact Davinder or Doug if you need advice.